Payment and conditions


Our fees for our care are conformed to the prices set nationally by the NZA (Nederlandse Zorg Autoriteit). In almost all cases we charge the bill directly to your insurance company. Our fee is included in the basic package of your health insurance.

If you are unable to attend your first appointment, you must call us in advance, at least 24 hours before the appointment is due. Otherwise we are obliged to charge you 75,00 euro. You must also call in advance, at least 24 before the appointment is due, if you want to cancel or move one of the other appointments with us. When the cancellation is done too late or does not reach us we are obliged to charge you 30,00 euro.

You can mail us at or call 020 6828657 from 09.00-12.30 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. 


Terms of payment established by the Nederlandse Organisatie van Verloskundigen (Dutch Organisation of Midwives), registered office in Utrecht, the Registry of the District Court in Utrecht on June 21, 1996, under number 165/1996 .

For full or partial obstetric care provided by a midwife or her / his deputy (replacement midwife), the following conditions apply :

1. Payment
Payment for obstetric care must be provided by the client within 30 days after the invoice date made to the obstetrician whose care she is under control in connection to her pregnancy, without any deduction, set-off or discount .

2. Interest
In event of late payment the customer is deemed without notice to be in neglect. From the due date of the bill the client on the outstanding amount is also increased with a monthly interest of 1 %, with a full month being calculated for a portion of a month.

3. Cost recovery
If the client fails to pay after demand, all judicial and extrajudicial collection costs which have to made to obtain the payment will be billed to the client. The recovery costs are at least 15 % of the claim plus the VAT on the costs due, provided that the midwife cannot deduct the VAT. Recovery costs shall mean at least the following but not limited to: the cost of legal assistance, the cost of using a collection agency, the cost of using a bailiff or lawyer .

4. Proof
For the determination of the amount the client owes the administrative the data of the midwife is decisive, unless the client expressly provides evidence to the contrary .

5 . Dispute settlement
All disputes arising out of a contract subject to these terms and conditions shall be submitted to the authorized court of the domicile of the debtor . If the dispute between the parties does not fall within the jurisdiction of the magistrate, the midwife is entitled to appeal to the authorized court in Utrecht's jurisdiction.