Our practice

Our practice has been located at the van der Hoopstraat in Amsterdam Westerpark since 1993. First at number 36A and since November of 2011 at number 40A. Even before 1993 the practice was already well known in the area of Westerpark. Ms. Heroma settled at the Nassaukade after completing her training as midwife. Her practice was taken over by Ms. Kuipers. The next take over was by Anna Krüger and Betty de Vries who moved the practice to the van der Hoopstraat in 1993.

The first practice thus only had one midwife to deliver all care. Later on that care was given by a duo and right now we work as a team in this practice. This trend of sharing the care between several midwives can be seen in the whole of the Netherlands in the last decade. Most midwives now work part time to be able to combine work and and an own family and private life. 

The core of the profession of midwifery has not been changed, but the way of working has. The emergence of practices build on a group of midwives is an effect of the many developments in the profession in the course of the years.